A Morte de Danton

byGeorg Büchner
Jorge Silva Melo
15 mar - 22 apr 2012
Wed to Sat 9h p.m.
Sun 4h p.m.
27 Mar 9h p.m.
Sala Garrett
by Georg Büchner
translation Adelia Maria and Jorge Silva Melo
scenario Jorge Silva Melo 
scenery and costumes Rita Lopes Alves
light Pedro Domingos 
musical direction Rui Rebelo
sound André Pires
with Miguel Borges, Pedro Gil, Sylvie Rocha, João Meireles, Maria Joao Pinho, Rita Brütt, Afonso Lagarto, Alexandra Viveiros, Américo Silva, Antonio Simon Elmano Sancho, Stephen Antunes, Gustavo Vargas, Hugo Zamora, Joana Barros, João de Brito John Delgado, José Neves, Luis Moreira, Mafalda Jara, Marco Trinity Mirro Pereira, Nuno Bernardo, Nuno Pardal, Luzindro Pedro, Pedro Mendes, Richard Neves, Neves, Reuben Gomes, Rui Rebelo, James Mathias, James Nogueira, Vania Rodrigues and trainees of the ESTC (Bernardo Nabais, Damian Vieira, Daniel Viana, Diogo Storm, Philip Velez, Isaac Grace, Ivo Silva, Joao Pedro Mamede, John Ventura, Pedro Loureiro, Rafael Gomes, Ricardo Teixeira)

coproduction TNDM II, Dublin 2012 - European Capital of Culture, United Artists
"Danton - We know so little about each other. We are thick-skinned elephants, hands extended, but it is a waste of time, only our roçamos leather against each other - we are very lonely."

"You want to Danton's Death, the enigmatic text of Georg Büchner's deep desire of those who started driving 70 years old shows that in another century, bloody too. Why is the Death of Danton, who throw themselves all questions of the theater after interested in coming, it is the heritage of Shakespeare and his breath is outdated history absorbed.

Ask unbalanced, strange, premonitory, messy, disheveled - in the crowd scenes that succeed the most intimate insomnia, in which history is seen as a nightmare, a piece of black pessimism, is the part of a bloody guy fixing the death. And I have always interested the youthful writings. The young to the young Brecht Sarah Kane, the young Harrower Fosse or the young José Maria Vieira Mendes - I have been consistently found among those who still tune the voice, which has not met the formal balance, they still bleed. EA Death of Danton is the text: the convulsions of history seen by a boy bewildered, anxious, insecure, before death. "
Jorge Silva Melo
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