A vida sexual das orquídeas

bySofia Teillet / l'Amicale (França)
28 feb - 1 mar 2020
fri, 9:30 pm > sat, 7:30 pm > sun, 4:30 pm
Sala Estúdio
text, conception and interpretation Sofia Teillet
artistic colaboration Charly Marty
executive production Camille Bono - l’Amicale
production l’Amicale
co-production Scène Nationale Le Carré – Centre d’art contemporain Pays de Château-Gontier, l’Atelier 210 
support Théâtre de Poche, scène de territoire pour le théâtre / Bretagne romantique et Val d’Ille, La Maison Folie Wazemmes, Le Corridor, Le Centquatre

Talk about sexuality, love, collaboration and symbiosis.

The subject of Sofia Teillet’s monologue is botany. In a humorous and unexpectedly poetic manner, she delivers a talk as an actress/conference speaker about sexuality and love in a conference/spectacle/investigation, explaining the elaborate techniques devised by orchids to ensure their fertilisation.

Performance spoken in french and surtitled in portuguese.

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