All together

byMichikazu Matsune (Japão/Áustria)
17 - 18 dec 2020
fri, 9.30 PM > sat, 7.30 PM
Sala Estúdio
concept and artistic direction Michikazu Matsune 
performance Elizabeth Ward, Frans Poelstra, Michikazu Matsune
assistance Dorothea Zeyringer
photography Maximillian Pramatarov
production Michikazu Matsune 
support Departamento de Cultura da cidade de Viena / MA7

In All Together, Michikazu Matsune, Frans Poelstra and Elizabeth Ward remember the past. They recall the names of people who are or once were close to them. By talking about them, the three artists manage to bring them closer together in a subtly interrelated game that blends the imaginary with the real, the personal with the universal.

Performance spoken in english, without surtitles.

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