All Together

byMichikazu Matsune [Japão/Áustria]
Danço, logo existo
23 - 24 apr 2020
Studio Hall

In All Together Michikazu Matsune, Frans Poelstra and Elizabeth Ward remember together. They remember the names of people that are now or were once close to them, some who briefly crossed their way and others who have been in their lives for a long time. They talk about childhood friends and siblings, about teachers and colleagues, about a first lover or their own child. The three performers speak about all of them and thereby manage to draw them a little closer.


Sharply conceived and directed by Michikazu Matsune, All Together connects what is absent with what is present and those who are not here with those who are. This creates a subtly intertwined play which combines the imaginary and the real, the personal and the universal. Because ultimately it doesn’t matter whether we love or hate each other or whether or not we are present; we all belong together. 

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