As Aventuras de João sem Medo

byJosé Gomes Ferreira
João Mota
10 feb - 21 apr 2012
Sala Garrett
by José Gomes Ferreira
dramaturgy and staging Joao Mota
costumes Renato Godinho
light Joao Mota, Nuno Samora
musical direction Hugo Franco
actors Alexandre Lopes , Hugo Franco, Marco Paiva, Mia Farr, Michael Sermon, Tania Ahmed
coproduction Teatro da Comuna, Teatro da Trindade, Fundação Inatel
John the Fearless, a hero - built for children and adults - "cheap talk of curses and jokes popular despiser of tyrants and powerful and, above all, full of joy to exist, to breathe, to believe in the good feelings and invent monsters to destroy them and win, "is a petty bourgeois who boastful, not to appear cowardly, invents monsters to win.

Written in 1933 by Jose Ferreira Gomes, 26 serials, for a youth newspaper, Mr. Doctor, under the name of Grandpa's Pipe, The Adventures of John the Fearless is considered a marvel of ingenuity and efabulação narrative.
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