Atlas da Boca

byGaya de Medeiros (Brasil)
Alkantara Festival
20 - 21 nov 2021
direction Gaya de Medeiros
cocreation and performance Ary Zara, Gaya de Medeiros
designer, provocateur, and "Breve Atlas da Boca" design João Emediato
videos Ary Zara
set design and lights João Pedro Fonseca
costumes Kahumbi (Feiticeire)
production Gaya de Medeiros
coproduction Alkantara, Companhia Olga Roriz
apoio à criação Self-Mistake

In Atlas da Boca,  two trans bodies investigate the mouth as a place of many intersections: words, identity, and voice; public and private; eroticism and politics. The performance seeks to contribute new narratives, exploring entries that are created from the mouth out and understood from the mouth

Performed in Portuguese with English and Portuguese surtitles.

The performance Atlas da Boca replaces the staged reading of O Congresso, previously announced.

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