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Azul Longe nas Colinas

byDennis Potter
Beatriz Batarda
10 feb - 20 mar 2011
Wed. to Sat - 9h45 p.m.
Sun - 4h15 p.m.
Sala Estúdio
from Dennis Potter
translation Daniel Jonas
staging Beatriz Batarda
scenery and costumes Cristina Reis
light Nuno Meira
soundtrack Bernardo Sassetti
featuring Albano Jerónimo, Bruno Nogueira, Dinarte Branco, Elsa Oliveira, Leonor Salgueiro, Luísa Cruz, Nuno Nunes
peoject Arena Ensemble
co-production TNDM II, TNSJ , CULTURPROJECT e Centro das Artes - Casa das Mudas
The author - English Dennis Potter (1935-1994) - was one of the most talented and acclaimed playwrights in England. 

Became known as "Blue Remembered Hills" premiered on BBC in 1979, among many other pieces for television, novels, plays and arguments. In "Blue Remembered Hills" intro, Potter believes that "compared with most parts I wrote, is by far the simplest in form and content, since it takes place without obstacles, fireworks, entertainment or any kind of subplot to the characters - and children - is forbidden them eloquence, obvious insight, or the rhetorical consolations useful (and customary dramatic lies) of a minimally consequential thinking. "

Beatriz Batarda enacts this text shocking and at the same time, moving, in which adult actors represent a group of children discover the violence of the world around them and seek to understand it imitating the reality of adults. A story about childhood, the "land of lost content", in AE Housman verses that serve as the theme for this piece.

Willie, Peter, John, Raymond, Donald, Angela and Audrey are friends. They have the habit of playing in the woods near the village where they live during the summer holidays. They play to the wars, the fathers and mothers, to hunt squirrel, nurses, etc.., Playing what they think is the adults' lives. Measuring forces and challenging the danger.
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