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byPeter Cann
Naomi Cooke e Steve Jonhstone
17 - 19 jun 2011
Fri and Sat 9h30 p.m.
Sun 4h00 p.m. 
Sala Garrett
from Peter Cann
translation Graeme Pulleyn
staging Naomi Cooke and Steve Jonhstone
musical direction and soundtrack Mary Keith and Ricardo Rocha
scenery, props and costumes and Ana Maria John Castle
design Penny light Gaize
with Abel Duarte, Eduardo Correia, Paulo Duarte (TRSM), Frances Land, Samantha Fox, Lucy Tuck (Foursight Theatre) and Ricardo Rocha (musician performer)
Regional Theatre co-production of Sierra Montemuro and Foursight Theatre
"Belonging" plays the lyrical and the grotesque, the poignant and funny. It moves between the real and fantastic creatures using the imagery of our legends, fairy tales and urban myths to explore our deepest fears and desires. Provocative and irreverent "Belonging" addresses timeless themes as loss, abandonment, abduction, children's fears and the terror of adults.

Belonged is a nurse. He works for a butcher. The store is nothing in this policy, nor is he a butcher common. If you want to do some unique dish or even start a family, he gets everything they need. If looking for some meat in particular to please your guests or until meat is seeking a young man, he always has the product that meets your needs. Every week he receives meat from the first category, and from time to time, a lost lamb. The work belonged to cater for children who pass through the gash.

She gives them all the comfort you, tell them stories, weaves fairy tales of their suffering and loss and fantastic tales of the great life they will have when they leave the stem, and leave behind the poverty and misery. One day a girl arrives with a baby and an indictment. She belonged confronted about the lies she tells, the lies she herself believed, forcing her to face the reality of the butcher, and finally, the terrible truth about herself and where she really belongs.
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