byMónica Calle
14 - 24 jan 2021
wed and sat, 7 pm > thu and fri, 9 pm > sun, 4 pm
Sala Garrett
from Mónica Calle
staging assistance José Miguel Vitorino
with Ana Água, Brígida Sousa, Carolina Varela, Cleo Tavares, Eufrosina Makengo, Inês Pereira, Inês Vaz, Joana Campelo, Joana Santos, Joana de Verona, Lucília Raimundo, Mafalda Jara, Maria Inês Roque, Marta Félix, Miu Lapin, Mónica Garnel, Roxana Ionesco, Sílvia Barbeiro, Sofia Dinger, Sofia Vitória, + 12 actors to be announced
light design José Álvaro Correia
executive production Sérgio Azevedo
coproduction Casa Conveniente, Zona Não Vigiada, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II
The innocence of an endeavour. The marvelousness of an error

Mónica Calle continues in Carta to raise the questions: how do we carry on from here? How do we fight back and how can we overcome events on an individual and collective level? And how, in the process, can we regain joy and pleasure?

Starting with a symphony played live, she once again asks performers to join her in reflecting on these and other questions.  A place of questioning emerges from the body, its limitations as well as capabilities to stand fast, or not. The innocence of an endeavour. The marvelousness of an error, of failing. Resolve. Transcendence. Amazement. Reconnection.

This new performance, Carta, is part of research work that Mónica Calle has been involved in for the last seven years called Ensaio para uma cartografia, in which she’s focused on the gaze of theatre, music and classical dance. In this new work, whose title is linked to the word ‘cartography’ (Latin for charta), a group of twelve professional musicians join a cast of actors to raise anew the initial question:  how to continue and how to restart? Questions that are increasingly pertinent given our present circumstances.  Artistic work that plays a role in resistance and Humankind.
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