Conference-workshop Flores, bandeiras e o resto

in the ambit ofFeminist School
coordinationVânia Rodrigues
26 jan 2022
wed, 3 PM
Salão Nobre Ageas | Free Entrance*
coordenation Vânia Rodrigues
duration 2h

* Reservations via email,, until 48 hours before the session. Subject to seat availability.
The statistics that document the persistent gender inequalities in culture also confirm that
there are more and more women, and more qualified ones, working in the arts. What do
the numbers reveal and hide about the work of creation, production and mediation? Here we
investigate what would be a feminist practice in the structures of the performing arts. A meeting space for reflection and improvisation, which might culminate in the organisation of a conversation circle, a de-hierarchisation crash course, or a manifesto workshop.

Conference-workshop in English.
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