Diagnosis: Hamlet - FIMFA LX12

byFIMFA Lx12
18 - 20 may 2012
Fri and Sat 9h15 p.m.
Sun 4h15 p.m.
Sala Estúdio
from Miguel Gallardo
enactment Mary Castillo
Actor Miguel Gallardo-handler Miguel Gallardo text (inspired by the works of Shakespeare)
design Aitor Herrero, Martí Doy
construction of puppets Martí Doy
scenography Xavier Erra
costume Rosa Soler Muñoz 
light Xavier Gallardo 
sound Michael
Video Marco Domenichetti Marta 
photography Vidanes
technical handling spot production Compañía Pèlmanec

Spanish spoken
duration 70 min.
Who wants to be Hamlet?

Few would like to swap lives with a character in a Shakespeare tragedy. Generally do not have an enviable order ...
Max wants to be Hamlet. Shakespeare wants to decide for him, talk to him, release him from his pain and his fear, through the words of one of his characters more complex and analyzed. So day after day, recreates the illusion of life as a director, manages and controls its nightmares, like a puppeteer. But the brain is wicked and face us sooner or later with the great truth: life is uncertain.

Diagnosis: Hamlet we see stunning puppet, with a signal handling, in which one actor-handler manipulates the puppet and this, in turn, manipulates the manipulator, which found a set of dependencies and loyalties, where conflicts and the characters acquire an unusual force.
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