Espelhos e Monstros

byPaula Diogo
8 - 18 dec 2022
creation and interpretation Paula Diogo
co-creation Renato Linhares
light design Daniel Worm 
sound design Suse Ribeiro 
sound creation Cigarra
scenic space and costumes Sara Vieira Marques
dramaturgical accompaniment Mariana Ricardo
choreography support Vânia Doutel Vaz
promotional photography João Tuna 
executive production Daniela Ribeiro
production Má-Criação
co-coproduction Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, apap - Feminist Futures
co-production residences O Espaço do Tempo e 23 Milhas

Project financed by República Portuguesa - Cultura / DGArtes

Má-Criação has the support of Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and is an associated structure of the Espaço Alkantara.

Paula Diogo is an artist supported by APAP-FEMINIST FUTURES, project co-financed by the programme Europa Criativa from União Europeia.
Espelhos e Monstros is based on a video filmed in 2019 in which a mysterious woman dressed as Wonder Woman walks across an inhospitable Icelandic landscape. This fictional character finds that her superpowers lose meaning there. It’s a journey of erasure in which other figures emerge and transmutations become the driving force behind the action.
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