Frei Luís de Sousa de Almeida Garrett

creationDiogo Bento, Inês Vaz
9 - 19 feb 2012
Wed to Sat 9h15 p.m.
Sun 4h15 p.m.
Sala Estúdio
from Benedict, Agnes Vaz
light Joanna Galeano
screen drawing Miguel Bonneville 
interpretation Diogo Bento, Agnes Vaz Fragoso Elizabeth
coproduction Among Others Association / Theatre Garage

Frei Luís de Sousa de Almeida Garrett debuted at Teatro Praga 24 nov'11
We want love, love that makes us tremble from head to toe and get us out of sleep, we want life or death, we want blood, duels, beliefs, struggles, ideals, we ultrarromantismo, sunsets, stormy seas and battlefields covered with bodies, we have the strength to change the world and pretend that we believe everything is possible and that the future is all that awaits us ...

Even knowing that Mary died and others are alone or going to the convent, even though it will not work, even though the coming of the Pilgrim is inevitable, even though there is no salvation for anyone, and that there must be a scapegoat, we'll continue.

It is more or less like a schizophrenic thought that guides us when we believe that it is not possible and not depend on us, and yet, we do everything with the same conviction, or even longer for it to happen. In this case, so that Mary did not die alone spitting blood. Because until we get there, everything can change. Because, in fact, everything has in itself the power to be everything and change.
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