byBetty Tchomanga
Alkantara Festival
18 - 20 nov 2022
fri and sun, 7:30 PM > sat, 6 PM
Sala Estúdio
creation and intepretation Betty Tchomanga
light design Eduardo Abdala
sound design Stéphane Monteiro
external look Dalila Khatir, Emma Tricard
vocal consulting Dalila Khatir
production direction Aoza - Marion Cachan
special acknowledgment Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Gaël Sesboüé and Vincent Blouch
production Lola Gatt
with the support of Endowment Fund of Quartz, national scene of Brest
partnerships Le Pacifique - CDCN of Grenoble, L'Atelier de Paris CDCN, La Gare - Fabrique des Arts en mouvement em Relecq- Kerhuon, Festival La Bécquée - Un soir à l'Ouest, le Cabaret Vauban - Brest
sponsorship SARL SICC Saint-André-de-Cubzac

This project received support for the creation of the City of Brest and the Ministry of Culture - DRAC of Brittany.

The association Lola Gatt is supported by the Brittany region.
To create dance through leaps and jumps, as if persistent ancient– maybe universal? – gestures - a movement that arises from the very depths of a human being.

Mascarades is a spectacle infused with electronic music based on traditional African rhythms. It is dancer and choreographer Betty Tchomanga’s first solo piece.
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