Meu Tio Jaguar

fromJoão Guimarães Rosa
Jorge Listopad
14 jun - 1 jul 2012
Sala Estúdio
from João Guimarães Rosa
author George listopad
light José Carlos Nascimento
audio Rui Damaso
actor José Artur Pestana
In a monologue in two voices, with many present and absent, a jaguar hunter who almost made ​​a metamorphosis before the eyes of the audience, becomes, by loneliness, a jaguar, his most beloved animal, before being hunted.

We are close to an emotion somewhere in gray areas between animality and humanity, the birth of a new sentiment, but we're also not far from the great epic works of the author of Great Hinton, Footpaths, here even more fascinating by the use of a new language, an osmosis of Portuguese and Tupi of Brazil, the neologisms, the cries and sounds. A lucid enchantment.

Is it different and rarely seen! A mystery!
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