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O Fidalgo Aprendiz

byD. Francisco Manuel de Melo
João Pedro Vaz
30 mar - 15 may 2011
Wed to Fri 11h a.m.
Sun 4h15 p.m.
Sala Estúdio
from the eponymous text written by D. Francisco Manuel de Melo
scenario João Pedro Vaz 
coreography Marta Silva 
light Nuno Meira
costumes from Octavio Cleric costumes for "The Apprentice Nobleman" of 1988 and other parts of the estate of TNDM II
with the collaboration of Ana Lucia Figueiredo, Tania Goncalves Pereira
research support Maria John Bright
scenography Joana Villaverde
with Alfonso Santos, Carlos Malvarez, Taylor Crest, Gonzalo Fonseca, Monica Tavares, Paula Mora, Valdemar Santos
co-production TNDM II and Comedies of Minho
"The Nobleman Apprentice" is a play written by D. Francisco Manuel de Melo, first published in 1665. Written in prison, this is a drama full of personalities and well Portuguese, a farce as the "Bourgeois Gentilhomme," with the same Italian sources. It is critical to the gentleman makes a dandy, in the tradition of the Vincentian Ridendo castigat mores.

Learn to dance without music, without fencing sword, without reciting poetry ... Here are the lessons for the instruction of a late noble provincial dazzle you like the ladies and the city. And, by dint of much (if) cheat, cheated out. Icon of classical national drama, this piece is now transformed into a show-workshop where the public is invited to move between stage and audience, actor and spectator, observer and observed.
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