Perigo Feliz - École des Maîtres

directed byTiago Rodrigues
Entrada Livre
16 sep 2018
dom, 19h
Sala Garrett

directed by Tiago Rodrigues
interpretation Adrian Desbons, Deborah Marchal, Ilyas Mettioui, Marie-Charlotte Siokos, Diana Narciso, Diego Bagagal, João Cardoso, Nádia Yracema, Camille Pelicier, Elsa Agnes, Simon Terrenoire, Victoire du Bois, Valentino Mannias, Paola Senatora, Aleksandros Memetaj, Nicola Borghesi
partners CSS-Teatro Stabile di Innovazione dell FVG, CREPA, TAGV, La Commédie de Reims
duration 1h (aprox.)

Every year the Écoles des Maîtres invites a Theatre maker to work with young actors from Portugal, Belgium, France and Italy. This year, Tiago Rodrigues will be directing it.
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