11 jun 2011
Sat. 9h30 p.m.
Sala Garrett
creation Sakuramakai
actors Ujin Sakurama, Tsuneyoshi Mori, Daijiro Zenchiku
musicians Hiroyuki Matsuda (flute), Genjiro Okura (small drum), Hirotada Kamei (large drum), Kunikazu Komparu (drum)

production Sakuramakai
partnership TNDM II
The Samurai and Daimyo "Sorin Otomo" was a warrior known as one who encouraged trade with Portugal, the boys sent ambassadors to Portugal and converted to Christianity. This piece praises the deed the glory of this noble samurai, important figure in history, as well as he describes his life and his suffering as a warrior.

As part of celebrations for the 150. Anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Commerce between Portugal and Japan in 2010, TNDM II presents the shows "Auto da Barca Travel" and "Sorin". The Group Sakuramakai here gives testimony of an ancient Japanese art of theater that combines music, dance and poetry. Enshrined since the fourteenth century as a popular art, the Noh theater was even considered the official state ceremony artistic.

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Noh is elected by many as the richest in symbolism of the art world. This is an abstract art, traditionally performed only by men, which has clothing to display the spirit and essence of the characters represented. "
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