Si fuesen turistas llevarían gafas de sol

by Fran Núñez
12 dec 2020 - Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid, Valladolid (ES)
17 dec 2020 - Auditorio Municipal de Ourense, Ourense (ES)
18 dec 2020 - Auditorio Vidal Bolaño, Gondomar, Galiza (ES)
direction and dramaturgy Fran Núñez
with Manuel Coelho, Luís Filipe Silva, Juan Caputo, Magdalena and Martina Fernández, Iván and Mariano Solarich, Brais Iriarte and Fran Núñez
musical direction Brais Iriarte
tecnic and sound direction Coco Castro
scenography, light, costumes and audiovisuals Coco Castro and Fran Núñez
production Gimenez & Giménez, Carlos Martínez Carbonell and Fran Núñez
coproduction Limiar Teatro and Crémilo, with Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Portugal), Comedias do Minho (Portugal), Centro Dramático Galego (Galicia), Compañía Nacional de Fósforos de Bos Aires (Axentina) and Intituto Nacional de Artes Escénicas (Uruguai).
support Festival Bahía Teatro (Axentina),  CC Nautilius (Galicia) and Comitato 10 Febbraio (Italia)

We are Pacita's grandchildren. The photograph of our family in the port of Vigo, before emigrating to Uruguay in the post-war period, is a starting point to invite friends to the scene, to share present and past experiences about emigration. Stories of people who left, of those who stayed and those who return. A self-fiction comedy, which reflects on social permeability, rooting, identity and memory. Today hundreds of tourists arrive on the port of Vigo on luxury cruises, but in this photo nobody has sunglasses.

Show already presented in

23 - 26 oct 2019
31 oct - 1 nov 2019
2 - 3 nov 2019
11 - 21 dec 2019
22 dec 2019
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