Aurora Negra

in the ambit ofFeminist Futures Festival
byCleo Diára, Isabél Zuaa e Nádia Yracema
24 - 25 jan 2022
mon - tue, 7 PM
artistic direction, creation and interpretation Cleo Tavares, Isabél Zuaa, Nádia Yracema
scenography Tony Cassanelli
costumes José Capela
costumes conception Maria dos Prazeres, Marina Tabuado
technical direction, light and video design Felipe Drehmer
original composition and sound design Carolina Varela, Yaw Tembe
sound design Tuff Estúdios - João Santos
styling Eloisa d'Ascensão, Jorge Carvalhal
support for dramaturgy Sara Graça, Teresa Coutinho
movement support Bruno Huca
researching support Melánie Petremont
production direction Maria Tsukamoto 
production assistance Filipa Garcez
administration and production Cama A.C Daniel Matos, Joana Duarte
production Cama A.C
co-production Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, O Espaço do Tempo, Teatro Viriato
support Casa Independente

duration 1h30
Feminist Futures Festival is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. 

Performance premiered september 3, 2020, at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.
A show that is born from the realization of the invisibility black bodies are subjected in the performing arts. In Aurora Negra, the song begins in the voice of a woman who speaks. She speaks Creole. She speaks Tchokwe. She speaks Portuguese. Then, on stage, three women also speak these three languages from their position as foreigners. In each woman, an essence, personality and trajectory intersect with the certainty that nothing will ever be the same again. In this Aurora Negra, they search for the deepest roots of their cultures, celebrating their legacy and projecting a path where they assert themselves as protagonists of their own stories.

This show is part of the Feminist Futures Festival. More information, here.

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