Calígula morreu, eu não

textCláudia Cedò (Espanha)
Marco Paiva
24 jun - 4 jul 2021
wed and sat, 7 pm > thu and fri, 9 pm > sun, 4 pm
Sala Garrett
text Cláudia Cedò
stage direction Marco Paiva
with Nathalie Poza, Albano Jerónimo, Jesus Vidal, Rui Fonseca, and more
scenography José Luis Raymond
sound creation José Alberto Gomes
light design Nuno Samora
video Cláudia Oliveira
staging assistance Magda Labarda
production Terra Amarela
coproduction Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, CDN – Centro Dramático Nacional de Madrid
The need for freedom

There are various ways of dealing with despotism. There are also many choices in the manner of ending it.  It is, in fact, a virus that spreads at a frenetic rate and which we have no way to control.  It’s like a massive fire that rapidly propagates and transforms everything into ash.

In the performance Calígula morreu, eu não, we could think of despotic acts as being impulses. Cyclical impulses that respond to the need for freedom, blankness, self-satisfaction.  On the other hand, efforts are made to eradicate that same despotism.

What is proposed here is a way to resolve a fictional situation by resorting to another fictional situation. Calígula didn’t die! We must find out why. We must return to history, tell it anew, understand where we were wrong and try to ensure that he finally dies.

To this end, Marco Paiva directs a cast of disabled and non-disabled Portuguese and Spanish performers, bringing together two national theatres, D. Maria II and the Centro Dramático Nacional of Madrid.

Performed in Portuguese and Spanish with Portuguese surtitles and Sign language.
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