Terra Nullius

byPaula Diogo
1 - 11 oct 2020
wed to sun > 7 PM
project creation and direction Paula Diogo
with Paula Diogo
sound creation João Bento
light design Daniel Worm
support for creation Alfredo Martins, Estelle Franco, Renato Linhares
support for dramaturgy and publication Alex Cassal
publication space and coordination FRAME colectivo and Elsa Mencagli (intern Erasmus+)
translations and proofreading publication Joana Frazão
graphic design Masako Hattori
photographic selection João Tuna
executive production Vanda Cerejo
production Má-Criação
coproduction Teatro Nacional D. Maria II
partners Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas, Citemor, O Espaço do Tempo, Alkantara, Galeria Zé dos Bois
support for artistic residency Companhia Olga Roriz

Work developed with a grant from Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and Fundo Cultural da GDA

Project financed by República Portuguesa – Cultura / DGArtes.

Má-Criação is a structure supported by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa.
Nobody’s land

Terra Nullius is the Latin term in international law to designate territories belonging to no one that can consequently be occupied. There are still to this day Terra Nullius territories such as: Bir Tawill (an unclaimed strip of land between Egypt and Sudan), Antarctica, international waters and the Moon. But Terra Nullius also has a poetic meaning. The idea of an unexplored territory, a kind of oasis of freedom where we could restart and rethink our idea of what society is.

Paula Diogo spent a year in Reykjavík where she developed a project that tried to capture the ‘experience of place’ by intermingling it with personal and collective narratives. To do this, she makes use of two simple activities: walking and writing.  In the last two years, TERRA NULLIUS has been migrating slowly from Iceland to Portugal and now reaches D. Maria II in the format of an audio-walk. It’s a project that spills over and beyond the theatre space to occupy a city’s urban geography and the virtual space of discussion and thought.

The course starts next to the river, 400 meters away from Lux Frágil, and ends at D. Maria II. Meeting point here.

Please come prepared for a walk in comfortable clothes and footwear.

English translation available upon reservation.
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