by Tiago Rodrigues e Tónan Quito
creation Tiago Rodrigues, Tónan Quito
text Tiago Rodrigues
with Tónan Quito
set, light and costumes concept Magda Bizarro, Tiago Rodrigues, Tónan Quito
executive production on the original creation Magda Bizarro and Rita Mendes
a production of Teatro Nacional D. Maria II after an original creation by the company Mundo Perfeito 
a performance created with the financial support by Governo de Portugal | DGArtes

for more information please contact programacao@tndm.pt

Tiago Rodrigues had already written for Tónan Quito several times.  Now he had to write a new text for this actor to perform alone on stage, but it kept being delayed for mysterious reasons. It was then that a series of accidents, as real as they were literary, gave birth to Entrelinhas (Between the Lines).

Portraying the enigmatic relationship between author and actor, this play is a secret passage that links reality to the underworlds of fiction.  In a narratorial labyrinth, the play merges Sophocles' Oedipus Rex with the letters of an imprisoned man to his mother, written in between the lines of an edition of the Greek tragedy found in the prison library.  But it always comes back to the present: a theatre in which an actor comes and explains to the audience why he hasn’t been able to put on the play that was promised.

With a performance that won him a nomination for Best Actor of the Year Prize by Time Out, Tónan Quito develops an intimate relationship with the audience.  And he does it in a part of the theatre that belongs more to the audience than to the actors: the waiting area before the start of plays.  Because Entrelinhas is also about that: what we expect from theatre.

Tónan Quito was nominated by Time Out for the category of Best Actor of 2013 for his performance of Entrelinhas.
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